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The Railway Countess 2 in 1

Crispin D’Aubignon, Viscount Dellamont, hero of THE RAILWAY COUNTESS, is the older brother of the feisty Lady Margaret, who is featured with her two friends Laura and Eliza in the series LEAST LIKELY TO WED, which begins in January 2023 with Laura’s story, A SEASON OF FLIRTATION. To celebrate completing the rough draft of Laura’s story, this month Julia is giving away three copies of a two-in-one volume that features Crispin’s story and one by reader favorite Liz Tyner.

In THE RAILWAY COUNTESS, Marcella Cranmore wants to avoid marriage and continue using her mathematical expertise to help her railway engineer father—but her mother insists on her having a season. At her first ball, Marcella’s relieved to see someone she knows, railway investor Crispin D’Abignon. Conversing with the viscount is safe, for she’s as off-limits to him as he is to her…except that is only increasing the fascination!

In A CINDERELLA FOR THE VISCOUNT, Rachael Albright’s future is going up in flames—her first betrothal ends, then she learns she’s about to become penniless! Thank goodness for Devlin Bryan, Viscount Montfort, who vows to help save her family’s suffering jewellery shop. As a friend, of course—she’s a most unsuitable match for a viscount…and anyway, her employees need her. But when sparks flare, will her attraction to the dashing Devlin mean getting burned again?

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