March is debut month for Olivia Overton and her hero, Colonel Hugh Glendenning! In their story, THE TEMPTING OF THE GOVERNESS, after her trustee’s unwise management of her inheritance leaves her virtually penniless, Olivia chooses to direct her own fate rather than succumb to the marriage of convenience she’s avoided for years. Burying her distress over leaving her best friend and her dreams of working to advance Parliamentary reform, she sets out to make the best of her post as governess to two little girls.

Unexpectedly inheriting the family estate upon the death of his wastrel elder brother, Colonel Hugh Glendenning returns home, grimly determined to restore the home of his youth. Having lost his wife and child while in India, he’s also determined to avoid remarriage or any contact with children. So when his late cousin’s two orphaned daughters arrive unannounced on his doorstep, he immediately sends to London for a governess, resolved to have as little to do with the girls as possible.

But the outspoken young woman who arrives at Somers Abbey has decided opinions on how the girls should be raised and the duty owed to them by the only near relation they have left. Though initially, he hardly noticed the plain young woman, as they clash over the girls’ care, Hugh is dismayed to find himself attracted to the fiery governess. While Olivia, determined not to become yet another servant seduced by the master of the house, fights to resist the man in whom she increasingly sees honor, compassion and a deep vulnerability.

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