March and April are the months for Spring Fling, a short holiday to let go and enjoy after the long dark winter. But when the heroine of RAKE TO RESCUE HER lets go, she expects to find not enjoyment, but humiliation.

Eight years earlier, Diana, the now-widowed Duchess of Graveston, jilted Alastair Ransleigh and married the duke without a word of explanation. Devastated and embittered, Alastair went on to fight in Wellington’s army, where he survived despite always volunteering for the most dangerous jobs. Visiting his sister in Bath after returning from Waterloo, he is shocked to encounter Diana.

When she asks if there is anything she can do to atone for hurting him, Alastair insultingly offers to make her his mistress—an offer she even more surprisingly accepts. As Alastair sees the damage bitter years of a forced marriage have done to the woman he loved, his desire for revenge turns to a compulsion to free the bold, passionate girl he fell in love with from the shackles of the past.

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