For the month of Valentine's Day, Julia offers up a sweet tale of a long–time secret love becoming reality. Big, bluff, monosyllabic Hal Waterman has spent a lifetime enduring his beautiful mother criticizing his unfashionable dress, form and slow speech. So when, at his best friend Nicholas's wedding, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to the bride's dazzling sister Elizabeth, he quickly runs in the other direction.

Years later, when the now–married Elizabeth is unexpectedly widowed while her family is abroad on a Grand Tour, Hal feels compelled to step in for his absent friend and offer her assistance. Hoping she will politely decline, he's dismayed to discover her household in disarray–and her young son lost and grieving. Having once been a little boy grieving for his father, Hal can't walk away. And as he stays to offer his help, he finds himself, as he feared, increasingly drawn to Elizabeth.

Happy to marry a kind older man who took care of her, the artistic Elizabeth has no idea how to run a household. As shocked and grieving as her son, she's grateful for the kind man who steps in to help. But her initial gratitude gradually turns to affection... and then to something she never experienced and doesn't know how to deal with–an irresistible passion for a virile, commanding man.

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