I’m delighted to inform you, gentle readers, that my August Regency historical, THE SMUGGLER AND THE SOCIETY BRIDE, is now available! SMUGGLER is Book 3 of an exciting miniseries, REGENCY SILK & SCANDAL. Three friends and rival spymasters, two scandalous affairs, one murder, and an innocent man hanged on the testimony of his best friend set the stage for the next generation to try to solve the mystery of the murder and redeem lives shattered by disgrace. SMUGGLER features an earl’s disgraced daughter, Lady Honoria Carlow, and ex-army-captain-turned-temporary-smuggler, Gabriel Hawksworth.

Now for a brief description:

Earl’s daughter Lady Honoria Carlow flees London after a scandalous disgrace to take refuge with her aunt in Cornwall and try to figure out who engineered her ruin and why. There, she encounters handsome Irishman Gabe Hawksworth, known locally as “the Hawk,” who is temporarily captaining a smuggling vessel as a favor for the army friend who saved his life. Though her family would be appalled at her attraction to a “low-born free trader,” there’s something about the well-spoken Gabe that calls out to the free-spirited Honoria, even as Gabe wonders about the unexpected appearance of this mysterious beauty. Until an attraction that should never have been becomes a compulsion too strong for either of them to resist!

“An engaging addition to the Silk & Scandal miniseries.” 
Kathe Robin, Romantic Times Magazine


Most unusally, the REGENCY SILK & SCANDAL miniseries is being released simultaneously in North America and the UK. However, the UK books are trade-size paperbacks that include extra material. For SMUGGLER, this “something extra” includes a “Dear Reader” letter and an excerpt from the journal of Lady Narborough, mother of heroine Lady Honoria Carlow, along with an author interview and a 2-page excerpt from Gayle Wilson’s exciting return to the historical genre, September’s Book 4 of the miniseries, CLAIMING THE FORBIDDEN BRIDE.

These unique editions are sold out in many locales, but for a special prize in this month’s website contest, I’m offering one entrant a copy of the UK edition of SMUGGLER.

Also new on the website are an excerpt, character sketches for Gabe and Honoria, photos of the locale and some research bits that went into the creation of their story. Stop by www.juliajustiss.com to check out the features, and don’t forget to enter the contest for your chance to win the extra-features edition of SMUGGLER!