Sisters of Scandal

Rich, well-bred, gorgeous—and destined to be spinsters? Despite their charm and beauty, the Lattimar twins are tainted by the reputation of the notorious mother they so closely resemble. Known as the offspring of a man not their legal father, rumored to possess the same profligate sensuality as their mother, they are the Scandal Sisters.



A Most Unsuitable Match
· October 2018
· ISBN 978-1335522931

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About the Book

Shunned by the ton
How would she find a husband?

After her mother's latest outrageous affair, innocent Prudence Lattimar has fled to Bath.

With her dubious background, she must marry a man of impeccable reputation. A clergyman with a title and a considerable income would be perfect.

She must steer clear of Lieutenant Johnnie Trethwell–his family is as notorious as hers, no matter how funny, charming and unfailingly honorable he is!

“...a warm, tender romance. Overall, A Most Unsuitable Match is a marvelous read."
—Caz Owens, All About Romance

“A splendid romance, and glorious writing.”
—Monique, Buried Under Romance.



The Earl's Inconvenient Wife
· March 2019
· ISBN 978-1335635006

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About the Book

The obvious solution:

A marriage of convenience!

Part of Sisters of Scandal: Temperance Lattimar is too scandalous for a Season, until finally she’s sponsored by Lady Sayleford. The whole charade feels wrong when she doesn’t want a husband, but Temper feels awful when MP and aristocrat Gifford Newell is appointed to “protect” her at society events. With her past, she knows she’s not an ideal wife…but then a marriage of convenience to Giff becomes the only option!

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