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March 2020

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His new governess...

Is getting under his skin!

Infuriating, impertinent... just some of the words Colonel Hugh Glendenning could use to describe Miss Olivia Overton! She's insisting he spend time with his orphaned wards–which has forced him to admit he's been keeping the world at arm's length since losing his wife and baby son. That's not all that's disturbing him. It's the new temptation Olivia's sparking in Hugh to enjoy life again–with her!

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“A charming, character-driven romance...The Temptation of the Governess is an enjoyable read and one fans of historical romance should definitely consider checking out.”
All About Romance

The Tempting of the Governess is a beautifully written and emotional romance.”
Roses are Blue, Book Blog

Historical Novel Society



Endowed with average looks and modest dowries, three school friends vow not to be trapped into loveless arranged marriages, but to remain independent and devote their passion and commitment to bettering their world. They will become...THE CINDERELLA SPINSTERS.

August 2020

After the marriage of her two friends ends her dream of living independently, Sara Standish finds new purpose in helping host a Parliamentary committee inspecting factories. She's thrilled to be able to meet– and affect– the lives of the mill children she passionately champions.

During the first factory visit, she meets inventor and manager Cameron Fitzallen. Born with neither wealth nor family, through brilliance and perseverance, Cam has risen to become factory manager.

The dynamic Cameron intrigues Sara. When chance offers an opportunity to further their acquaintance, both see no harm in it. Certain her purpose in life is her work, not marriage, Sara believes she can resist Cam's appeal, while Cam, who has never needed anyone, pours all his passion into his business.

But as they join forces to help factory children, their shared ideals– and a strong attraction– starts each of them thinking the unthinkable– that in the bold new future Cam imagines, there might be a place for a Lady of Quality and a workhouse orphan to be together.

With Sara and Cam’s book completed, ending the CINDERELLA SPINSTERS trilogy, Julia is turning her eye to a new series...






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