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Convenient Proposal to the Lady
March 2017

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"Duty can also be pleasure, Lady Alyssa…"

When politician Benedict Tawny set out to save Lady Alyssa from a nefarious plot, he never expected to find himself trapped in a compromising situation with the alluring lady! Now duty demands he propose…and claim her as his bride!

Tainted by his illegitimacy, Ben knows he can't give Alyssa the life of luxury she deserves. But if he can convince her to succumb to the undeniable heat between them, their convenient marriage might just lead to the love of a lifetime!

“Convenient Proposal to the Lady is a beautifully written, touching romance between two characters whose flaws and insecurities only add to their attractiveness and whose dilemmas feel very real. This is one of the strongest historical romances I’ve read recently, and I’m recommending it without hesitation.”
—Caz Owens. Grade A-, Desert Island Keeper, All About Romance




HADLEY’S HELLIONS—Four rebels determined to change the world—and the women who transform them

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Book 4: SECRET LESSONS WITH THE RAKE, September 2017

Although technically legitimate, all Society knows that Christopher Lattimer, son of baron Lord Vraux, is actually the son of one of his mother’s many lovers. Growing up in a house where each child had a different actual father, though he caroused with his peers at university, Christopher vowed that when he finally marries, he will choose a pure maiden of impeccable morality, so that his children will never have to wonder who their real father is. Only he can’t help finding his good friend Elie Parmenter, long-time mistress of an older peer who recently died, so much more appealing than the virginal maidens he’s trying to court…


The proposal for Julia’s new series, THE SCANDAL SISTERS, featuring the twin sisters of Hadley’s Hellion Christopher Lattimar, is now with Julia’s editor. The girls have grown up knowing Society believes them to be as immoral and ungovernable as their infamous mother. While Temperance, angry at being judged without cause, vows to behave just as outrageously as Society expects, gentle Pru wants only to find a kind man who will care for her and give her the normal family she’s always wanted.

If the proposal is approved, Prudence’s book will be first. When another of her mother’s scandals once again makes a London Season impossible, Pru accompanies her aunt to Bath, hoping perhaps there, she will meet the quiet, upright gentleman she seeks. So why does she find soldier and rogue adventurer Johnnie Trethwell so appealing?





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